Northern Paladins - SPRING CHAOS - 06/05/2021 - tournament brand image

Northern Paladins - SPRING CHAOS - 06/05/2021

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Northern Paladins

Tournament Type: Other

Northern Paladins 93/94 Old School Magic Club

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Old School | Ended | 14 of 128 Enrolled Players

How it works

Join us for our premier event of the season the SPRING CHAOS 2021 online run through mtgmelee and our Discord Server here! (REQUIRED)

If you haven't already filled out the Google Spring Chaos Form please do so here

That way we can send you your Spring Chaos 2021 commemorative card as well as verify your registration entry fee. Entry is FREE for anyone who has purchased one of our beautiful Dustin Brossard Northern Paladins Playmats


Start time is 11AM CDT (GMT-6) You can check in up to 90 mintues ahead of the event start and you MUST check in here in mtgmelee before the start of the event or you will not get pairings. We will host a player meeting in our Discord at 10:45AM to explain the process, answer questions and kick off the event.

We will run Swiss +1 rounds with no finals playoff based on attendance. Play Old School and have fun!


All you need is a deck and a webcam! All pairings and match results will be run from Round & Table annoucements are made in our Discord server in the 'Spring Chaos' channel. To play your round start a videochat inside of Discord, Skype or and coordinate with your opponent once the round pairing is announced (In our Discord here - make sure to join!).


Click the register button above. Don't forget to 'check in' using the 'Player Controller' up to 90 minutes before the start of the event or you will not get paired and will be dropped from the event, this is the default function of mtgmelee. You can find the 'Player Controller' green button on this page above after you have registered on the day of the event.

If you haven't already filled out the Google Spring Chaos Form please do so here

Deck Construction Rules:

To learn more about the Northern Paladins Join our Facebook Group Here!

Deck Construction Rules:

Note: Proxies are allowed, so long it is clear to all players what the card is, if you have any concern please ask ahead of the event to one of the admins in our Facebook group or Discord server.

If you haven't already filled out the Google Spice Harvest Form please do so here

Signup: Anytime before the event

Check In: Antime up to 90 minutes before the event

Round 1 pairings: 11AM CDT US (GMT-6)

Rounds are 60 minutes, the first 10 minutes are for meet and greet and then 50 minutes of timed play, there are no draws in Old School, when time is called you will have 5 turns from the active player to complete your match, if the result would still be a draw instead you will 'Chaos Orb Flip-Off' to determine the winner of the round.

Every player will recieve a partcipation card as well as can win Accolades for creativity and more!

Vist the Hall of Heroes here:

You can find us in our Discord Server here:

You can reach the Tournament Orginizer on Discord: Atheros#6374


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.