What's New at Melee

This page journals the ongoing development of Melee.

Change Log - Beta Version 9/20/2023

Migration to FusionAuth

We are excited to announce that we've migrated our authentication services to FusionAuth. This move not only enhances the security and stability of your accounts but also prepares us for new features that we'll be rolling out in the future. Please note that you might be required to update your login credentials as part of this transition.

Removal of SMS, Text Message, and Chat Functions

In light of changing government regulations and the increasing costs associated with SMS and text message services, we have removed these features from the platform. The decision to remove chat functions was made to streamline compliance with regulations. We understand these features were valuable to some users and apologize for any inconvenience. We're exploring alternative methods of communication and updates will be provided as they become available.

Minor Updates
  • Fixed a bug that allowed access to the tournament registration page after the registration window had closed.
  • Usernames now support only letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
  • Resolved an issue with the "Save" button on player surveys.
  • Fixed broken QR code links in the tournament controller.
  • Corrected an issue where custom metadata fields weren't saving properly on the tournament edit page.
  • Added Player Metadata feature details to the Melee API documentation.
  • Updated Player Metadata data replacement functionalities.
  • Fixed timezone-related issues affecting French and Chinese users.
  • Corrected a broken link that connects to the organization from its tournament hub.
  • Improved phase creation with an updated dialog modal, including explanations for each type of phase.
  • Introduced table number support for single-elimination phases.
  • Stopped sending notifications for deleted unpublished matches.
  • Added build table numbers to draft seating printouts for easier navigation.
  • Introduced a new Cookies Policy page for compliance and transparency.

Change Log - Beta Version 8/18/2023

Minor Updates
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing organizations from successfully linking their PayPal accounts.
  • Autogenerated tournament hubs have been introduced for all organizations.
  • Public links to /Organization/view now redirect to the respective organization's tournament hub.
  • Addressed an issue that was preventing organizers from creating tournament hubs.
  • Added QR Code downloads to tournament hubs for staff use.
  • Resolved loading issues on various pages when using the French language.
  • Updated the payments policy page to reflect current policies.
  • Fixed multiple issues on the DreamHack winners' information page for smoother functionality.
  • Corrected issues related to selecting start dates for tournaments in non-English languages.
  • Fixed the problem with saving tournament location address details for accurate information.

Change Log - Beta Version 7/25/2023

Scorekeepers can create tournaments

Staff members with the "Scorekeeper" role on an organization can now create, setup, and manage tournaments for their organization.

Minor Updates
  • Fixed an error with printing decklists when a decklist isn't available or has no cards.
  • Added additional information to the tournament API endpoint, providing more comprehensive data for tournament organizers and participants.
  • The player portal and player controller will no longer display decklist links when decklists are not required.
  • Removed MTG-specific preregistration types from the controller when the tournament is non-MTG.
  • Fixed an issue with address display on the DreamHack application and admin pages.
  • Two-factor verification codes are now also sent to user's email address.

Change Log - Beta Version 7/23/2023

Expansion of Supported Games

Our platform has grown beyond exclusively supporting Magic: The Gathering. We've introduced a fresh "Create" tournament page, providing options to specify the game and the venue for the tournament. This flexibility extends to unsupported games as well; users can input any game name they prefer. Currently, our supported games roster includes Magic: The Gathering, Disney Lorcana, and Flesh and Blood TCG, with upcoming decklist support for these new additions.

Integration of Venue Details for Tournaments

We've incorporated a new feature that allows the addition of location/venue information for tournaments. This gives players access to crucial details such as the physical address of the tournament's venue, enabling a more informed and convenient tournament experience.

Minor Updates
  • Corrected an issue which prevented automatic focus on the search input field in select areas.
  • Resolved multiple display and style inconsistencies with select fields.
  • Improved form fields to accurately display error messages when required.
  • Introduced custom search tags for tournaments.
  • Included a Registration Start Date field for tournaments.
  • Made the Registration End Date field in tournaments optional.
  • Revised "Platform" to "Tournament Type" in tournament descriptions.
  • Revised "Paper" to "Tabletop" as a Tournament Type
  • Incorporated "Game" and "Venue" data on the tournament view page.
  • Introduced the "Core" format for Disney Lorcana tournaments.
  • Restricted Flesh and Blood TCG formats exclusively to Flesh and Blood tournaments.
  • Enabled management of physical and mailing addresses for tournament venues.
  • Refreshed the payments policy page.
  • Set the organization edit page to default to the user's preferred organization.
  • Corrected a glitch that removed tournament tags from the tournament search page when selecting default options.

Change Log - Beta Version 7/13/2023

Minor Updates
  • Added list of cards played in a tournament and their tokens to the tournament controller.
  • Optimized some database queries.
  • Added Wizards Account Display Name field to manual enrollment dialog.
  • Added tournament name to manual enrollment dialog.
  • Fixed an error with the location form and not populating the country field.
  • Added a view to the tournament controller to quickly see the matches in a pod.
  • Added new emails to users when they are added to organization or tournament staff.
  • Added the ability to print one or more result slips without printing them all.

Change Log - Beta Version 7/7/2023

Updates to Melee’s Term of Service and Privacy Policy

Melee's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been updated. Users will need to agree to these updates upon logging into Melee.gg. Find more information and review the updated documents here. The updates aim to improve clarity and prepare for future developments, including migrating tournament software to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and transferring user information to FusionAuth in August.

Updated the User Dropdown and Added Recommended Actions Page

The user profile dropdown has been enhanced with new functionality and improved clarity. Additionally, a new page called "Recommended Actions" provides personalized recommendations to enhance account security and functionality. These actions cover essential tasks such as agreeing to the Melee Account Policies, confirming email address and phone number, enabling two-factor authentication, enabling text messages, setting preferred language, and setting pronouns. Users can find their recommended actions here.

Organizers and Staff now have “Preferred Organizations”

Organizers and staff members can now set their preferred organization in the user profile dropdown. This allows for easy selection when filling out applications or creating tournaments. Set or switch your preferred organization here.

Minor Updates
  • Layout issue in the Lorcana user profile dropdown has been fixed.
  • Resolved the issue where the What's New red badge notification appeared on devices where the What's New page hadn't been viewed.
  • Premium restriction has been removed from the advanced decklist search page.
  • Fixed the issue preventing organizers and users from removing their profile photos.
  • Display issue for tournament formats in horizontal scrollers on the home page and tournament hubs has been fixed.
  • The Venue drop-down now appears correctly when creating a tournament hub.
  • Added help/explainer text for adding "https://" when entering a website URL.
  • Improved the user experience in the "Files Upload" section of Lorcana retailers' applications with added explainer text.
  • Various images have been converted to better formats for improved efficiency.
  • Fixed an error when enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Provided clearer instructions regarding optimal image ratios and usage.
  • Addressed an issue with submitting DreamHack Winner Information.
  • DCI numbers have been removed from the platform.
  • Removed links to the broken Archetype Matrix page.
  • Resolved issues related to DreamHack, including purchasing errors.
  • Organizers now must upload brand images for tournaments and hubs for optimization.
  • Improved the Lorcana support ticket questions form, requiring a reason selection.
  • Added "Created by Organization" field to user settings, displaying the organization that created the Melee account if applicable.
  • Introduced global and page-specific maintenance messages to communicate important updates.
  • Added a popup notification for editing a Lorcana application to inform about resubmitting after reopening.
  • Added a deferred status for Lorcana applications.
  • Adjusted the text for the DreamHack "Event didn't happen" button to provide clarity.
  • Implemented mechanisms to inform Set 1 Lorcana applicants about not needing to reapply for Set 2.
  • Included links to sub-processors in the privacy policy.

Beta Version 5/10/2023

Disney Lorcana & Ravensburger Support

We have partnered with Ravensburger to launch a new hobby game retailer signup website for the highly-anticipated trading card game Disney Lorcana. With this web tool, retailers can select their product distributors for Lorcana, the Ravensburger Trading Card Game, which features licensed Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Elsa from Frozen.

This web tool is:

  • Designed specifically for the Disney Lorcana Brand.
  • Currently for Retailers, Player details coming soon

Creation of a Melee account is required

Changes to the User/Organization Relationship

User accounts are no longer tied to a single Organization. Now a user account can create or be staffed on an unlimited number of Organizations. To accommodate this change, users associated with multiple organizations will now select the organization when creating a tournament or tournament hub.

UX/UI Navigational Improvements: Associations

To improve the navigation for players, judges, and organizers we’ve introduced a new section to the profile settings page called “Associations”. Links to the associations can be found on the user dropdown. Each tab in the Associations section of a user’s profile includes a sortable table for each decklist, tournament, and Organization a user has access to.

  • Decklists: Each decklist a user has created or submitted in a tournament.
  • Tournaments: Each tournament a user has registered for, participated in, is staffed on or has organized.
  • Organizations: Each Organization a user is staffed on with access to Organization Dashboards for those they have created or are Admins for.

Minor Updates
  • Added new hint text to tournament registration for where to find your Wizards account name.
  • Added Battle card type.
  • Added ability to change your own username.
  • Added ability to delete your own organizations.

Beta Version 2/14/2023

The New Player Portal

In preparation for MagicCon Philadelphia, we are announcing a new way for players to view their matches on Melee; the Player Portal.

The Player Portal is designed spefically for mobile and specifically for in-person tournaments.

  • It has a mobile-first design
  • Login is not required to view your matches
  • Account setup is not required either
  • Seatings, matches, and result submission can be found there
  • Sign-up for texted matches to your phone right on the Portal

The Player Controller will still be the place for decklist submission, viewing standings, and viewing your opponents' decklists. However, the new mobile first design of the Player Portal will make playing in in-person tournaments much smoother.

Links to the Player Portal are individual to each player and can be found in registration confirmation emails and on the Player Controller for that tournament.

Minor Updates
  • Updated a lot of visual styling across the entire site. WIP
  • Added additional clarification for players when manually enrolled by organizers into tournaments