Organizer Service Level Agreements

Updated July 23rd 2023
Revision: 3

Melee charges participants fees in order to maintain a functioning platform. Some event organizers want to use Melee without directly charging participants any fees, and Melee supports this option as described in this document. This does not mean that it is acceptable to charge participants external to Melee, and use the platform for event operation, unless such use is approved in writing by an authorized member of the Melee team. Evading fee collection is stealing, is a violation of Melee Terms of Service, and will result in loss of access to use of Melee.

Melee agrees to provide a free level of support for tournaments under 128 players. For tournaments that exceed 128 players, a platform fee will be charged to an Organization to offset any costs Melee would accrue from hosting a tournament of that size. To discuss platform fees, email Melee at

SLA Levels

Support Level Max Player Cap Guaranteed Uptime Support Tools Platform Fees
API Access Marketing Suite Customer Service Package One Day Platform Fee Two Day Platform Fee
Basic (Free) 128 97.5% - -
Common 409 98% $300.00 $450.00
Uncommon 820 98.6% $800.00 $1,200.00
Rare 1,536 99.9% $1,700.00 $2,550.00
Mythic 8,000 99.9% $2,800.00 $4,200.00

* Any tournament with more than 128 players participating on day two necessitates a two-day service level agreement.

Additional Support

Melee agrees to fulfill the below service requirements at each Support Level

Common: 129-409 Players
Uncommon: 410-820 Players
Rare: 821-1,536 Players
Mythic: 1,537-8,000 Players