Bazaar of Boxes Series 9 - tournament brand image

Bazaar of Boxes Series 9

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Bazaar of Boxes

Event Venue: In de Boomtak

Tournament Type: Tabletop

Saturday, the 21st of October will be the date for the 9th edition of the Bazaar of Boxes Series! This event will also be streamed on our Twitch: - For more info: -

Entry Fee: €30.00 + €3.69 | Open Registration | Format: Legacy | Registration | 80 of 81 Enrolled Players

Player Registration

Entry Requirements

Enrolled Players

Saturday the 21st of October will be the date for the 9th edition of the BoB Series!

Location: In de Boomtak, Boomstraat 81, 5038 GP, Tilburg, The Netherlands


Time: Venue opens at 10:00 AM, tournament starts at 11:00 AM

Player cap: 81

Format: Legacy

Sponsors: Goat Enterprise - who will have a store at the event as well

Head Judge: Rory Tans (lvl 2)

Floor Judges: Sabrina (lvl 1), Joep (lvl 1) and Roy (lvl 1)

Support: Ruben & Teus

Coverage: Rob Roosingh (AdmiralVortex)

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REL Competitive

Decklist submission on MTG Melee: Required!

Start: 11:00 AM CEST

7 rounds of Swiss

cut to top 8

The event will most likely last 'til around 20:00 PM CET

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes immediately after the tournament has ended.

1st place: €250 + €70 Goat Store credit

2nd place: €200 + €40 Goat Store credit

3rd and 4th place: €80 + €20 Goat Store credit

5th to 8th place: €60

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Glitch /bazaarofboxes OFFLINE