CEDH for a Twister and Duals (15 Card Proxy) - tournament brand image

CEDH for a Twister and Duals (15 Card Proxy)

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: The Gathering Place Games

Tournament Type: Tabletop

Entry Fee: $80.00 + $3.67 | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 63 of 64 Enrolled Players

CEDH for a Twister - Event Structure Participants will play single elimation, one player from each pod moves on, after which there will be a cut to a Final pod.

64 Player capicty

Registration Registration for all events at The gathering will close 10 minutes prior to each event. Players who enter after the tournament has begun will be enrolled with a Loss for their first round. Players must have their Wizards Account Email in their Melee.gg profile in order to enroll.


Proxies for events at The Gathering must conform to one of the two categories below:

Paper Printouts: Black and white or color is acceptable. The printouts must be trimmed such that no portion of them extends beyond the sleeve. The printouts must be of the English version of the card. The printouts must slide over the actual card in the sleeve without it being obvious there is something in the sleeve with the card.

Proxy Cards: Cards must be of appropriate dimensions for a Magic: the Gathering card. The card must have the English name of the card on it* The card cannot be an actual MTG card with marker scrawled on it, because no one has good handwriting anymore**.

*The rk post P9 proxies have partial names,e.g. “Lotus”, “Recall”, “Walk”, “Ruby”, etc. If you and your opponent both understand what the card is, play on, otherwise call a judge.

**If need be, a judge can issue a marker-scrawled-on-card proxy.

Judges have final say on the appropriateness of a proxy.

Pairings Pairings for the CEDH for a Twister -will be available on Melee.gg and on Paper in the event hall. It is each player's sole responsibility to find their pairings and report to their matches for the beginning of each round of their events. Matches Rounds for the CEDH for a Twister - will be 70 minutes. It is the responsibility of the winning player to ensure the result is reported and recorded correctly. However if any player notices a discrepancy between the actual result of the match, and the reported match result, they must bring the error to the attention of a tournament official immediately. Eligibility All players must have accounts in good standing on MTG Melee. All players must not be currently suspended from participating in Magic: The Gathering events. Regional eligibility restrictions also apply, void where prohibited.

Registration closes at 11:50 am on Sunday, August 20th Round one (1) begins at 12:00 pm on Saturday, August 20th Swiss rounds based on attendance

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes in 14 days or less.

Unlimited Twister HP for first and duals for others in final pod! Prizes donated by Josh Good Sell for this Charity event!


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.