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蒼紅杯(ブルースカイクリムゾンヴァイオレンスゆるふわ機械兵団の進軍カップ) Anyone in the world can participate! - tournament brand image

蒼紅杯(ブルースカイクリムゾンヴァイオレンスゆるふわ機械兵団の進軍カップ) Anyone in the world can participate!

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: 蒼紅杯

Tournament Type: MTG Arena


Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 105 of 128 Enrolled Players

※Those outside of Japan are also welcome to participate. However, the organizer does not speak English well, so please let us use translation for communication.(English text is also provided below the Japanese text listed below this one.

参加条件: ・配信でmeleeの名前が出ても問題のない方 ・切り抜き動画で使用デッキや試合の模様を使用することに許諾いただける方。後日配信を切り抜いて試合アーカイブなどを作成する場合があります。ご了承ください。 ※今回から海外からの参加もオッケーとなります。

Participation Requirements: Those who have no problem with the melee name being mentioned in the video distribution. Those who are willing to allow us to use their decks and matches in the clipped video. We may clip the video and create an archive of the game at a later date. Please understand this.


A Japanese Vtuber named Chika Aobeni (@aobeni_chika) is going to hold a MTGA tournament with prizes.


We will also be using discord to communicate and respond on the day of the event, so please make sure to enter that as well.

4回戦目あたりからYoutubeで対戦の様子を中継・実況を行います。 The matches will be broadcast live on Youtube from around the 4th round.

フォーマットはスタンダードBO3、Swiss7回戦後、TOP8でSEを行います。 The format will be Standard BO3, 7 rounds of Swiss followed by Top 8 for SE.

参加人数によって最大TOP16までには賞品があり! 使用ディスコード


There will be prizes for up to TOP 16 depending on the number of participants! Use discord

Broadcast Youtube channel

※注意点 ・極力快適な進行と誠実な対応に務めますが、進行上のトラブルなどが起こった時はご協力いただけると幸いです。

・また、参加いただく方は極力事前にmeleeの使用経験がある、あるいは事前に触ったり、開催までの別大会に参加してみたりしてどういうものか把握しておいていただけると大変助かります<(_ _)>




*Notes We will do our best to make the tournament as comfortable as possible, but we would appreciate your cooperation in the event of any problems that may arise in the course of the tournament.

We would also greatly appreciate it if you have experience using melee, or if you have tried it before, or if you have participated in other tournaments before the event so that you can get a feel for what it is like <(_ _)>.

For the purpose of sending prizes, minors must have permission from their parents to share their address and to participate in the event that the event is prolonged after 24:00. We will not be responsible for any trouble that may occur in such cases.

We will only use the personal information you share with us to send out the products, after which we will destroy the information.

If you are participating in a melee tournament for the first time, please register your deck as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask, but if you ask at the last minute, we may not be able to respond and you may be dropped.

For paper printouts generated for this tournament, participants' names will be displayed using their usernames, irrespective of their profile's name display settings. This ensures uniformity and respects privacy on printed materials.

Standard BO3, 7 rounds of Swiss, followed by Top 8 for SE. The number of rounds of Swiss may increase or decrease depending on the number of participants. ID (draw) is not allowed. Decks are open to the public.

10:30~ チェックイン(実際のmeleeでの表記に従ってください)

11:30 チェックイン締め切り

11:45 デッキ登録締め切り

12:00 1回戦開始

13:00 2回戦開始

~ 19:00 SE開始予定 ※参加者さんの晩御飯の時間取った方が良いかもなので20時頃にスタートになる可能性があります

※JST 10:30- Check-in (please follow the actual melee notation)

11:30 Check-in deadline

11:45 Deck registration deadline

12:00 First round begins

13:00 Start of 2nd round

~19:00 SE scheduled to start 19:00 SE scheduled to start (*It may be better to take time for participants' dinner, so the start time may be around 20:00)


優勝者 ・アマギフ38,000円分 +機械兵団の進軍ドラフトブースターBOX(まなゆーいさん提供)

準優勝者 ・アマギフ20,000円分

3~4位 ・アマギフ7,000円分

5~8位 ・アマギフ3,000円分




※17~32位(※90人以上の参加で配布 ・アマギフ1000円分

*Prizes are subject to change depending on prize offerings and other factors.

Winners Amazon gift certificate worth 38,000 yen

Runners-up Amazon gift certificate worth 20,000 yen

3rd~4th place Amazon gift certificate worth 7,000 yen

5th~8th place

Amazon gift certificate worth 3,000 yen

9~16th place (*distributed when 60 or more people participate)

Amazon gift certificate for 2,000 yen

17~32th place (*distributed when 90 or more people participate)

Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen


Please use the discord (

Glitch /aobeni_chika OFFLINE