Anzi presents: Dice City Games' Fall Revised Legacy Open (powered by Lotus Box) - tournament brand image

Anzi presents: Dice City Games' Fall Revised Legacy Open (powered by Lotus Box)

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Dice City Games, LLC

Tournament Type: MTG Online

Since our paper Revised Legacy Open Series is currently on hold, Dice City has partnered with Anuraag Das + Team Lotus Box to deliver a competitive online Legacy tournament featuring almost $2K in prizes, and live Twitch coverage!

Entry Fee: $15.00 + $1.76 | Open Registration | Format: Legacy | Ended | 89 of 512 Enrolled Players

Attention Boos and Ghouls! The leaves are changing and spooky season is here. What better time then to cozy up with Magic's most venerable format -- Legacy!?

The eternal Magic afficionados at Dice City Games welcome you to join us for this special Fall edition of our Revised Legacy Open series -- online and hosted by Anuraag Das.

Featuring commentary by Anurag, Dice City founder Jimmy Cooney and Zan Syed, Abe Corrigan and Edgar Magalhaes from our Twitch hosts, Team Lotus Box -- this event will be a blast to play in, stream, and watch!

The Fall Revised Legacy Open event kicks off a series of upcoming eternal Magic events from your hosts, and will be covered LIVE on the Team Lotus Box Twitch page.

Format: Legacy Date: November 8, 2020 Time: 12:00 noon EST Structure: Swiss rounds with cut to top 8 Registration Deadline: 11/08/2020 at Noon EST

Entry: $15

In honor of the season, Dice City Games will be sending a special Autumn Mishra's Factory from Antqituities to commemorate this event to the winner. Support a Legacy-loving LGS and shop our TCG store for good deals for all your singles needs:

T.O. Dice City Games and L2 DCI Judge Ryan Freeburger will be handling judge calls. Full rules can be found at

The Play/Draw Rule will be in effect for the Top 8 with the higher seed having the option. Players will sort this out inside the client.

The Tournament will begin on Sunday, November 8th, with the following schedule in Eastern Time (EST):

All players must submit their decklists and check in before 12:00pm Round 1 begins at 12:00pm EST Following rounds approximately 1 hour after one another, as matches complete. Following Swiss rounds, a small break for commentary will precede the Top 8. The number of Swiss rounds will be based on the size of the tournament, and will be announced after Round 1.

Prizes 1st: $400 + 400 MTGO Tix Fall Winter Mishra's Factory (Antiquities)

2nd: $200 + 200 MTGO Tix

3rd-4th $100 + 100 MTGO Tix

5th-8th $50 + 50 MTGO Tix

9th-16th $25 + 25 MTGO Tix

Payments will be sent via paypal within 48 hours of tournament end. Prizes paid after required paypal fees.

EDIT: Thank you to Tom Hepp for the incredible donation of 500 MTGO Tix! We'll be adding these to the prize pool, updating the prize payout soon!

EDIT2 (ANU): LETS GOOOOOOOO!! I'm super hyped by Tom's generosity and I'm gonna match the donation - originally we had $1k in prizes... and now we're almost doubling that! Check out the new prizes (listed above)!!!

Tournament questions: - direct to Ryan Freeburger (L2)


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.