Angela Chandler Memorial Tournament - tournament brand image

Angela Chandler Memorial Tournament

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Judge Academy

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

Sponsored by, Ultra Pro,,, Pastimes Comics & Games, Full Grip Games, Card Titan, David Zimet, and Tim Shields.

Entry Fee: $9.00 + $1.25 | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 216 of 1024 Enrolled Players

Angela Chandler was a phenomenal friend and organizer for the Magic Judge community. She was a great example of what the Magic Judge community strives to be, and everyone who interacted with her walked away better for it. Sadly, Angie passed away recently after a long fight with cancer. This memorial event seekes to recognize her contributions and help give back from the community. All proceeds will be donated to the GoFundMe campaign organized to benefit her children during this difficult time. Many companies and individuals have dontated prizes to the event or committed to giving to the campaign, resulting in several thousand dollars worth of prizes and contributions, and we are incredibly grateful. Check the prizes section for more information.

All rules found in the Digital Magic Tournament Rules and the Digital Infraction Procedure Guide are in effect, with 1 exception. Players are not allowed to intentionally draw games or matches at any point in the event. (This does not include game actions that cause a draw, such as an effect causing both players to lose life)

Players are required to be on the event's discord server in order to see official announcements and be available for feature matches as necessary.

Round 1 will start at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard time (Don't forget the DST time change!). The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players, followed by either a top 8 or top 16, as appropriate.

Prizes subject to change if more prizes are donated. Please note that any physical prizes won will be shipped inside the United States at no charge. International shipping may require special arrangement or shipping payment by the recipient.

The prizes listed here have been graciously donated by Pastimes, GamerMats, CoolStuffInc,, Ultra-Pro,, Full Grip Games, and Card Titan. Judge Promo Prizes have been graciously donated by David Zimet.

Top 50 players will each receive $25 Store Credit at

The following prizes were donated by GamerMats:

  • 1st-4th will receive a set of PAX Pinny planeswalker pins (Liliana, Jace, Rowan)
  • 5th-8th will receive a set of GamerMats Dragon pins
  • 1st-8th will receive a Gen Con Exclusive Ugin desk mat
  • 9th-12th will receive a set of GamerMats Baby Dragon pins
  • 9th-16th will receive a Gen Con Exclusive Ugin play mat

Store Credit and card prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st - $500 Store Credit (, 2x Promo Demonic Tutor, 1x Promo Command Tower.
  • 2nd - $400 Store Credit (, 2x Promo Demonic Tutor, 1x Promo Crucible of Worlds
  • 3rd-4th - $300 Store Credit (, 2 x Promo Enlightened Tutor
  • 5th-8th - $250 Store Credit (, 1x Chalice of the Void, 1x Promo Spellseeker
  • 9th-10th - $100 Store Credit (
  • 11th-12th - $100 Store Credit (
  • 13th-15th - $100 Store Credit (
  • 16th - $100 Store Credit (
  • 17th-32nd - $75 Store Credit (

9th-16th place will receive three random promos from:

  • 4 Birthing Pod
  • 4 Sterling Grove
  • 4 Reflecting Pool
  • 4 Gamble
  • 4 Monastery Mentor

17th-32nd Place will receive 1 random promo from among:

  • 1 Doubling Season
  • 1 Temporal Manipulation
  • 1 Entomb, Infernal Tutor
  • 4 Rishadan Port
  • 4 Eye of Ugin
  • 1 Shardless Agent
  • 4 Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

Below is a full list of what was donated by each company or individual. - $1500 in Store Credit

Ultra PRO – $1200 in Store Credit – $1250 in store credit – $1000 in store credit at CFB

Pastimes Comics & Games

  • $200 in Pastimes store credit
  • $200 in GamerMats store credit
  • 8 x 2020 Gen Con Ugin regular playmats
  • 8 x 2020 Gen Con Ugin desk mats
  • 4 of the following PAX Pinny pins – Liliana, Jace, Rowen
  • 4 sets of GamerMats Baby Dragon pins and 4 sets of Dragon pins (for both sets there are 5 pins per set)

Full Grip Games – $300 in store credit

Card Titan – $100 in store credit

David Zimet has also personally donated the following Judge Promos as prize support:

  • Doubling Season
  • Entomb
  • Crucible of Worlds
  • Shardless Agent
  • Temporal Manipulation
  • Command Tower
  • Rishadan Port (x4)
  • Sterling Grove (x4)
  • Birthing Pod (x4)
  • Infernal Tutor (x4)
  • Chalice of the Void (x4)
  • Monastery Mentor (x4)
  • Reflecting Pool (x4)
  • Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow (x4)
  • Eye of Ugin (x4)
  • Enlightened Tutor (x4)
  • Spellseeker (x4)
  • Demonic Tutor (x4)
  • Gamble (x4)

Prior to the event: Email with subject "Memorial Event Question"

Day of the event: please use the contact options provided by MTGMelee or use the discord server.


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.