Plague League Monday Night Magic Season 3 Week 6 (Early)  - tournament brand image

Plague League Monday Night Magic Season 3 Week 6 (Early)

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Plague League

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

Plague League is a TCG gaming community featuring weekly tournaments for a variety of TCG/CCG games. We have been running our Monday Night Magic (MTG Standard) series since April 2020.

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 22 of 32 Enrolled Players

Monday Night Magic is the premier Plague League Magic the Gathering Arena series featuring two weekly pods (5PM Eastern & 8PM Eastern). Our season runs for 2 months with an opportunity to earn points twice every week. New with season 3 is our "ELORS" (ELO Rating System), which is a constantly evolving player rating for all MNM competitors.

Each week is free to play, with the overall season champion winning a Plague League playmat or XL mousepad from

Our community features players with a blend of experience and skill levels, with our Discord voice channel always active and fun place to hang on game night.

All players are asked to join our Discord server: And sign-up at our website:

Monday Night Magic is a place to hang out and enjoy the hobby of playing Magic the Gathering. We welcome new players, and new to tournaments players.


All players are welcome to join. Registration is open until 5PM for the 5PM pod. Players are required to join our Discord: Players are required to check in via the Player Control page by 5:00PM Eastern

Set Legality & Deck Rules:

All standard legal decks are available for play. We do not require deck submission Players are on the honor system to not swap decks mid-tournament

Game Client Settings

When pairings are sent, each player must issue a challenge with these settings: Tournament Match (Best of 3) Coin Flip Timers On

Time Rules

Rounds are 50 minutes Matches can start immediately after pairings are announced If a player is unavailable to start their match for any reason after 15 minutes they take a game loss After 30 minutes of unresponsiveness the player takes a second game loss and is dropped from the event


Players are required to report complete and accurate results on the MTGMelee player control page.

Monday Night Magic Season 3 2 pods every week at 5PM & 8PM Eastern) August 3rd August 10th August 17th August 24th August 31st (Bonus week, double points) September 7th September 14th September 21th September 28th

Glitch /theplagueleague OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.