DreamHack Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I using Melee for Regional Championship Qualifiers?

DreamHack has partnered with Melee to streamline the signing up process for Regional Championship Qualifiers, event kit purchasing, and winner information submission. While the Regional Championship Qualifier will be hosted on EventLink, Melee will be your portal for everything else.

How do I sign up to run a Regional Championship Qualifier?

You’ll first need to make an account on Melee.gg. After that, you can go to the DreamHack home page to apply to host a Regional Championship Qualifier. Once DreamHack reviews and approves your application, you’ll receive an email from Melee.gg that you can return to the site to finalize purchasing of your RCQ Event Kit(s).

Once this step is completed two things will happen:
  1. DreamHack will send your RCQ Event Kit(s) to the address or addresses you provided.
  2. Wizards of the Coast will create a Regional Championship Qualifier template within your EventLink account. Once they’ve done this, you can schedule your RCQ within the scheduling window.

Do I have to publish a Tournament on Melee?

No. You will be using EventLink to schedule and run your Regional Championship Qualifier unless given permission by Wizards of the Coast to use other software solutions.

You must abide by the Melee Terms of Service to use Melee for registration and decklist validation solutions. This includes our Entry Fee and Payment Policies that states “Organizers may take entry fees using any method they choose as long as accepting entry fees on the Melee website is one of the methods.” If you have any questions, please contact Melee at contact@melee.gg.

I have not received my Event Kit yet?

On your Organization Dashboard and under the DreamHack tab you’ll find a tracking number for your shipment. If it says your package has been shipped to you, please check with your staff to see if they may have stored it somewhere you’re unaware of. If you’re still unable to find it, email DreamHack at WPNMAGIC@eslgaming.com.

How do I report the winner of my Regional Championship Qualifier?

You need to return to Melee.gg and navigate to the DreamHack Winners page. You’ll need to provide your winner’s full name and Wizards Account Email address. Once you’ve submitted this information, Melee will send an automated email to that player that their information has been submitted along with information on the upcoming Regional Championship.