Apply to become a Lorcana Retailer
and host Lorcana Play events in your store

Dear Hobby Retailer,

Thank you for your interest in the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program! Use this application to be considered as a Lorcana play location. If you plan on selling Disney Lorcana in your Hobby Store, but do not plan on running Lorcana Play events, you can use this application to be included in the Lorcana Store Locator.

Overview of what you will need for your application:

  • Details about your company, business, or organization
  • Details about your physical store location
  • Mailing and physical addresses for your store
  • Details about current organized play happening in your store
  • Documents proving ownership of your store/business
  • A video file showing your store

Lorcana Application Timelines

  • Set 2 Application Decisions:

    We will begin to review HSP membership applications by September 22nd and inform stores of our decision by October 2nd.

  • Set 3 Application Deadline:

    The window to be considered for the Disney Lorcana HSP closes for Set 3 at 12:01 PM Pacific Time December 5th.

  • Set 3 Application Decisions:

    We will begin to review HSP membership applications by December 15th and inform stores of our decision starting on December 19th.

While many applicants will meet the minimum requirements, due to limited supplies, a limited number of stores will be accepted into the HSP for the launch of Set 2.

  • Locations that have already been approved do not need to re-apply for the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program.
  • You do not need to reapply if your location’s application has the “Deferred or “Awaiting Approval” status.
  • If your location’s application doesn't have the “Deferred or “Awaiting Approval” status, you need to finalize and submit your application.
  • Filing multiple applications for the same Location will delay review and approval.
  • To change your preferred distributor, please send an email to with your new preference. Please remember that, due to allocation constraints, your preferred distributor may not be available, and we will ask another distributor to assist.