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Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Easy Gaming Group

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

It is time for the next chapter in the EGG adventure. EGG XII is here!

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Standard | Ended | 24 of 128 Enrolled Players

It is time for the next chapter in the Easy Gaming Group adventure!

EGG XII is here!

We have reached the dozen mark in Arena tournaments and we're hoping the turnout for this one will be huge.

We have some really cool prizes up for grabs from our partners and sponsors so don't miss out on the chance to get your paws on some awesome goodies!

Let's get sideways!

Our Basic Principals – Overarching all events, shows and tournaments We are all from different walks of like, with different religious and cultural backgrounds. Be kind to each other. Keep language use friendly on the battlefield and in the relevant social media groups. Respect Family Friendly No racism No sexism No slander No brand-bashing Loads of fun Be Excellent Unto Each Other

Our Basic Rules – Overarching all events and tournaments (different events and tournaments may have differing or more comprehensive rules, these will be detailed with those events) Players are expected to know the game’s rules and be familiar with the policies and procedures, but unintentional errors are not punished severely. Deliberate cheating or disruptive play (as determined by a Judge) of any kind will not be tolerated, and unsportsman-like play/behaviour is prohibited.

Tournament rules enforcement - Competitive REL (as recommended by WotC Tournament rule policy) Extract from WotC Tournament rules policy: “Competitive tournaments are usually those with significant cash prizes or invitations awarded to Professional tournaments. Players are expected to know the game’s rules and be familiar with the policies and procedures, but unintentional errors are not punished severely. These are tournaments that protect the interests of all players by providing tournament integrity while also recognizing that not all players are intimately familiar with Professional-level tournament structure, proper procedures, and rules. Infractions in these tournaments are covered by the Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, located at” It is to be noted that most of comprehensive ‘in game’ rules are governed and controlled by the MtG Arena interface itself. In order to maintain the spirit by which these events are intended to be played, specific focus will be placed on the elements outside the scope of MtG Arena as well as situations that may arise specifically due to the nature of the medium being used to play Magic the Gathering.

NB! Should any player be unsure or feel something untoward has happened during a game they are currently, please do not hesitate to contact the event team immediately to investigate so that a fair judgement can be made for all players concerned. Anchen Lin (T.O.) and Judge on the day (Judge) will be in all Sub groups as well as Judge group and Discord (where participants in question will be invited to, to resolve the matter)

Traditional best of 3 Standard format to be played on MtG Arena platform. A. Players are to make use of the Tournament Mode provided in the MtG Arena platform to play their matches against their tournament opponents. B. Pairings are given via player controller, participants to arrange this way C. Result reporting is to be made from both participants within player controller, accurately D. Should you DC during a game and are not able to reconnect in time to complete the game, sadly it will count as a game loss. Following on from there, should you not be able to reconnect in time to complete the match it will count as a match loss. So please ensure your connection is working properly before committing. Naturally, we at EGG don’t want you to lose out but we also cannot be held responsible for ensuring you, as a participant, have a good internet connection. E. Featured matches will be chosen at random, participants chosen will be required to report to discord for streaming F. Take note of your timer in the bottom left corner in game, if you time out, win awarded to opponent this way. G. Judge rulings will be made through Judge available on the day H. Warnings, an accumulation of 3 warnings will result in automatic disqualification. I. Disconnection in game, photographic/recorded evidence will be required from participant in question. J. Cut to be played in Challenge Mode, highest seed taking coin flip

Decklists to be submitted via player controller (no later than 28th May 2021 10pm Decklists will be available per pairing via player controller

Ettiquette expectations. A. Keep in mind, we are all from different walks of life, with different religious backgrounds. Be kind B. Keep language use friendly within the WhatsApp sub groups, WhatsApp main group, Discord channel aswell as Facebook Group.

Discord is available for featured matches, when chosen, you will be required to deafen yourself.

Cash Prizepool may vary according to the number of entries.

1st Place

  • R960
  • EGG Floating Trophy, EGG XII Winner's Trophy
  • EGG XII Playmat
  • 1 x Prerelease kit Innistrad Crimson Vow (The Stone Dragon)
  • 3 x MTG Boosters (Durbanville Games)
  • R500 voucher(Sad Robot)

2nd Place

  • R528
  • EGG XII Playmat
  • 1 x Prerelease kit Innistrad Midnight hunt (The Stone Dragon)
  • 2 x MTG Boosters (Durbanville Games)

3rd Place

  • R352
  • EGG XII Playmat
  • 1 x MTG Booster (Durbanville Games)
  • R250 Voucher (Sad Robot)

4th Place

  • R160
  • EGG XII Playmat
  • R250 voucher (Sad Robot)

5th to 8th Place

  • EGG XII Playmat
  • R100 Top Deck Voucher

Current Spot Prizes:

  • 1 x EGG XII Coffee Mug from Durbanville Games
  • 1 x EGG XII MousePad from Durbanville Games
  • 2 x R500 store vouchers from The Stone Dragon
  • 1 x Garruk Planewalker deck from The Stone Dragon
  • 2 x Custom EGG Deck boxes

EGG Tournament TO: Anchen Lin ( EGG Representative: Crispin Stopforth (

Glitch /easygaminggroup OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.