Lotus Box League Season 1: Modern 1K - tournament brand image

Lotus Box League Season 1: Modern 1K

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Team Lotus Box

Tournament Type: MTG Online

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Modern | Ended | 212 of 1000 Enrolled Players

This is the third in a new season of Team Lotus Box tournaments, the Lotus Box League. This series will feature an event for Standard, Modern, Pioneer and Legacy, culminating in a 12 person invitational with a 2K prizepool for the top finishers over the season. The whole series will be covered LIVE on our twitch page. Our commentary team includes Chris Castro-Rappl of The MTG Grindast and Team Lotus Box members Collins Mullen and Jeremy Bertarioni.

This tournament will be modern on MTGO, so bring your best brews and compete for the title of Lotus Box League Modern champion.

For full series information check out https://www.lotusboxleague.com.

  • Format: Modern
  • Date: 05/17/2020
  • Time: 12:00 noon EST
  • Structure: Swiss with cut to top 8
  • Registration Deadline: 05/17/2020 at Noon EST

Entry is free to all subs to our twitch channel and all patrons of Lotus Petal tier or higher. Sub to our twitch or pledge our patreon and we'll send you an entry code!


  • 1st: $400
  • 2nd: $200
  • 3rd-4th $100
  • 5th-8th $50

Payments will be sent via paypal, prizes are listed before any paypal fees.

Points are awarded to players who compete in our events. Here is a breakdown of the number of points that a player earns based on their record or finishes in the event.

Keep in mind that for the record-based awards you must play every round of Swiss!



The Tournament will begin on May 17th, with the following schedule in Eastern Time (EDT):

  1. All players must submit their decklists and check in before 12:00pm
  2. Round 1 begins at 12:00pm
  3. Following rounds approximately 1 hour after one another, as matches complete.
  4. Top 8 following Swiss rounds.

The number of Swiss rounds will be based on the size of the tournament, and will be announced after Round 1.


Full rules can be found at https://www.lotusboxleague.com/tournament-rules.

Glitch /teamlotusbox OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.