NRG Series Online Trial #3 - tournament brand image

NRG Series Online Trial #3

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: NRG Series

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

The NRG Series Online features $7,500 in total prizes and invites to upcoming Arena Qualifier Weekends and other premier events! Learn more about the NRG Series Online here:

Entry Fee: $15.00 + $1.76 | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 53 of 226 Enrolled Players

New to MTG Melee? Watch their how-to video.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2020

Decklists Due & Check-in Time: 10:50 AM CDT

Event Start: 11:00 AM CDT

Entry Fee: $15 (plus MTG Melee platform fees)

Platform: Magic Arena

Format: Standard. Decklists are open.

Structure: Swiss based on attendance + cut to Top 8

Thanks to our sponsor, KMC

KMC Sleeves is the official sponsor of the 2020 NRG Series. Top 8 competitors will each receive a set of KMC Hyper Mat sleeves and perfect fits! Check out KMC at!


Decklists are open and will be automatically provided by MTG Melee at the start of each round. Players will have 5 minutes to check in for their match once pairings are posted. Pay attention to audio and SMS notifications (set this up on your profile!) for new pairings.

Pairings will be done using the Direct Challenge feature (Tournament Match) on MTG Arena.

Players are allowed to intentionally draw, but Top 8 will use the High Seed Play/Draw rule. You may need to customize your Direct Challenge settings to make sure that the higher seed gets the choice to play or draw.

Match Recordings & Coverage

Recording your matches with screen recording software is HIGHLY recommended. If there are any disputes about deck contents, deck legality, or unsporting conduct during your match, we may request video evidence to aid in our investigation.

Additionally, LIVE video coverage of this event will be provided by the NRG Series. Players may be asked to share their screen in the NRG Series discord to enable us to find matches for coverage. Please make sure you are a member of the NRG Series discord.

You ARE allowed to stream this event! We reccomend using a 5-minute delay. Players who are found to be ghosting will be disqualifed from the event.

Connectivity & Bugs

Players are responsible for ensuring they have a stable internet connection. To ensure event integrity, game crashes and restarts will not cause a match in progress to restart. Any other issues will be dealt with based on the sole discretion of the tournament organizer.

Players should be aware of the known bugs on MTG Arena. The intentional exploitation of any MTG Arena bug during the tournament is considerded cheating and is grounds for removal from the event without prize.

Legal Stuff

By particpating in this event, you agree to the Nerd Rage Gaming Ltd. Camera and Video policy. Additionally, you consent to any recordings of your match being edited and used by NRG Series coverage.

This tournament needs 33 or more players when registration closes in order to launch. In the case the tournament does not have 33 or more players, the tournament will be canceled and all entry fees will be refunded.

Decklists Due & Check-in Time: Sunday, Nov 8th @ 10:50 AM CDT

Event Start: Sunday, Nov 8th @ 11:00 AM CDT

Swiss Phase: Based on attendance:

  • 33-64 Players: 6 rounds
  • 65-128 Players: 7 rounds
  • 129+ Players: 8 rounds

Elimination Phase: cut to Top 8 after Swiss. Top 8 will use high-seed play/draw rule.

Prizes to be paid via Paypal 7-10 days upon the conclusion of the event. Players must have a PayPal account in order to receive prizes from this event.

Total Prize Pool: $1,000

  • 1st: $400 + free entry and R1 bye to Season Showdown on Dec. 20th
  • 2nd: $200
  • 3rd/4th: $100
  • 5th-8th: $50

Top 8 players recieve entry into the December 19-20 Kaldheim Qualifier Wekeend on MTG Arena. More information about Qualifier Weekends on MTG Arena can be found here.

Top 8 players will also receive a free pack of KMC Hyper Matte sleeves thanks to our sponsor, KMC Supplies!

Questions? Contact NRG Series Event Manager Max Kahn via email at or ask us on Twitter at @NRGSeries.

Glitch /nrgseries OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.