Mega Online Series BETA Event (GUARANTEED £3000+ Prize Pool) - tournament brand image

Mega Online Series BETA Event (GUARANTEED £3000+ Prize Pool)

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Axion Now

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

The UK’s No 1 Independent MTG Events are now online. The same events you love, only from home.

Entry Fee: $10.00 + $1.34 | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 154 of 700 Enrolled Players

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The UK’s No 1 Independent MTG Events are now online. The same events you love, only from home. Win a share of a £3000+ prize pool! Be part of the exciting launch!


Swiss rounds will start at 9:00AM BST (8:00AM GMT) on Saturday 20th June. The Top 8 and other playoffs will start at 1:00PM BST (12:00PM GMT) on Sunday 21st June.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will use the Standard format. It will be played over two days, using a “swiss + multiple top cuts” system. After playing the normal amount of swiss rounds (see below) on the first day of the event, the top 24 or top 32 players will be advancing into several 8-player single elimination playoffs. Those playoffs will take place on the second day of the event.

Number of rounds:

  • Up to 64 players: 6 swiss rounds
  • 65-128 players: 7 swiss rounds
  • 129-216 players: 8 swiss rounds
  • 216-384 players: 9 swiss rounds
  • 385-700 players: 10 swiss rounds

Playoff system, based on standings after swiss rounds:

  • The Top 8 players will proceed to the Grand Top 8
  • Players placing 9th through 16th will proceed to the DIAMOND playoff bracket
  • Players placing 17th through 24th will proceed to the PLATINUM playoff bracket
  • If the event has 200 or more players, players placing 25th through 32nd will proceed to the CHOCOLATE playoff bracket
  • If the event has 400 or more players, players placing 33rd through 40th will proceed to the RASPBERRY MUFFIN playoff bracket
  • If the event has 600 or more players, players placing 41st through 48th will proceed to the HUMBLE CARROT playoff bracket

Entry Fee

The Axion Now entry fee for this event is £10. There is an addition £1 admin fee for The total cost is £11.


Players are required to have an MTG Arena account in good standing with the game publisher. This implies the minimum age for playing is 13 years. If you are at least 13 and under the age of consent in your country, your parents or guardian need to complete the registration for this event for you and will take full responsibilities for all aspects of your participation in the tournament, including collecting any cash prizes you receive.

Prize Structure

Prizes will be awarded based on the final rank after the playoffs.

Top 8:

  • 1st: £1000
  • 2nd: £500
  • 3rd-4th: £300
  • 5th-8th: £200

DIAMOND Playoff:

  • 1st: £200


  • 1st: £100

CHOCOLATE Playoff (if 200 or more players in total):

  • 1st: £100

RASPBERRY MUFFIN Playoff (if 400 or more players in total):

  • 1st: £100

HUMBLE CARROT Playoff (if 600 or more players in total):

  • 1st: £100

These are cash prizes, with payment handled after the event via a direct bank transfer to a European/UK bank account. If you're based outside of EU/UK, Paypal will be used instead. Any fees involved in sending prize money will be taken out of the cash prize amount.

Tournament Rules

This section outlines the tournament rules for this event.

Registration and check-in

  • Registration will close 10 minutes before the tournament starts. We strongly encourage you to do so in a timely manner, because signup does take a few minutes including all the steps you need to take.
  • All players must submit their decklist before the tournament starts. We strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible (from the moment you sign up) as the system will automatically drop you if you’re too late.
  • All players must check into their Player Controller before the tournament starts. We strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible (90 minutes before the start) as the system will automatically drop you if you’re too late.


  • You are required to be on our Discord server to help facilitate communication. It’s easy and fun to be around. Join via this link:
  • You’ll need to be responsive to admins, both on and via Discord. On, you’ll hear a sound and see the chat bubble notification in your top bar. On Discord, you’ll hear a sound and receive a Direct Message, or a tag in the event channel. While we will typically try both methods to reach you, it is your responsibility to be responsive to either. Sometimes we just need to talk to you and if we cannot do that, we have to make decisions without your input.
  • When there is an in-game issue, we may ask that you share your screen on Discord to help us understand the problem.

Match procedure

  • Have your Player Controller open. Once pairings are created, you will get a notification there.
  • You’ll have access to your opponent’s deck list via your Player Controller. After you check into your match, you will also see your opponent’s Arena screen name.
  • Add them as a friend on Arena. This makes challenging each other much easier. And you’ll have a new friend ;) You can Direct Challenge friends from the friend list. Choose “Tournament Match” as match type.
  • Alternatively, you can create a Direct Challenge by clicking on the two crossed swords in the top right. Again, choose “Tournament Match”. If you’re not friends on Arena, both players will need to do this in the exact same way.
  • Swiss matches will use the in-game Arena timer. A 60 minute round timer will be enforced to ensure that connection issues don’t delay the event, but the average round turnover time will be much lower. The timer will start 5 minutes after pairings have been announced, to allow you time to connect to your opponent.
  • Shortly before the round is over, admins will contact you. If your match is not over after 60 minutes, it will be considered a draw unless you are in contact with the tournament admins. If you’re in contact, you may be able to play out the match.
  • Matches in the playoffs may use a different challenge type and timing rules (will be explained on Discord).
  • When your match is over, you can submit your results via the Player Controller.
  • Tardiness will apply ten minutes after the round timer has started, but not until 50 minutes after the start of the previous round. What this means for you is you’ll need to count on 50 minute rounds.

Reporting issues

  • Please contact us through the yellow “Contact Tournament Staff” button in the top right corner on your Player Controller; this will allow you to create a ticket. You can also tag us on Discord.
  • Specifically, if you cannot find or connect to your opponent, wait until 10 minutes have elapsed in the round timer before submitting a ticket and try to contact them via the chat box in the bottom right. You can see if your opponent has checked into the match in the Player Controller. If both players are checked into a match, we will not be applying Tardiness rules; instead we will try to get you connected and playing. If we cannot and the problem is the connection or software of one of the two players, that player will lose the match.


Players are fully and solely responsible for the presence and stability of an internet connection, which is required to play in the event. Players are also responsible for stability of the system running MTG Arena. Players disconnecting from their game are likely to end up forfeiting the match, but the following procedures will be in place to provide leniency where possible:

  • If a player disconnects from an ongoing game and can reconnect before timing out, they can continue playing that game.
  • If a player disconnects from an ongoing game and loses that game in MTG Arena, but the match would not have been over with that loss, players should contact an admin (via Discord or as soon as this happens. Admins will try to resolve those situations as best as possible. The ongoing game will be inevitably lost, but it may be possible to continue the rest of the match, at the admin's sole discretion. If players do not contact admins immediately, no attempts will be made by the admins to continue the match.
  • If your opponent disconnects from the game or loses a game due to a rope time-out, you should contact an admin immediately (via Discord or You may not submit a result before having done so, even if that game was the last game of your match. Any results submitted this way without prior verification by an admin are subject to being voided and/or changed at their sole discretion.

Software crashes

The organization cannot be held responsible for MTG Arena crashes and any resulting match results. Players' ability to provoke crashes or disconnects make it impossible to apply any exceptions other than those stated above.

Software bugs

The organization cannot be held responsible for any bugs encountered in MTG Arena. Players are encouraged to report bugs to MTG Arena customer service and read the Known Issues List.


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.