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2023 Hunter Burton Memorial Open

Organized by: Hunter Burton Memorial

Platform: Paper

Entry Fee: $81.00 | Open Registration | Format: Modern | Ended | 442 of 650 Enrolled Players

Event Doors Open : 8:00am
Onsite Registration Closes : 8:45am
Player Meeting : 9:00am

  • SPONSOR Goodie Bag Filled With Items

8 rounds of Swiss will be played on Saturday.
All players with 18 or more match points advance to Day 2.
5 additional rounds of Swiss will be played on Sunday before a cut to the top 8.

If paper printouts are made for this tournament, players' names will display as their real names regardless of their profile settings.

To unenroll after you must contact the organizer.

Day 1 begins Saturday, March 18th at 9am.

Day 2 begins Sunday, March 19th at 10am.

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes immediately after the tournament has ended.

1st: $2000, invite to the RC at DreamHack Dallas
2nd: $1500, invite to the RC at DreamHack Dallas
3rd/4th: $1000, invite to the RC at DreamHack Dallas
5th-8th: $600
9th-16th: $300
17th-32nd: $200
33rd-48th: $100

Top 8 Also Receives:

  • Custom HBMO Large D6
  • Name Forever Engraved on the HBMO Trophy
  • Custom HBMO Top 8 Playmat

Please contact with questions and inquiries

Glitch /hunterburtonmemorialopen OFFLINE

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* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.