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Magic for Old Guys KISS Tournament (Traditional Standard)

Organized by: Magic for Old Guys

Platform: MTG Arena

KISS is for Keep it Simple Stupid. And that is how we run things here at Magic for Old Guys, Simple! (Traditional Standard)

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 8 of 32 Enrolled Players

While we cannot meet in person to play in tournaments, we are starting to host Arena tournaments. Cost of Entry: None! This is a free event and open to anyone.

All you need to play is a MTG Arena Account, a Traditional standard legal deck in Arena, and a MTG Melee account.

New to playing online Magic? All accounts are free to create, and here are a few resources for you to read over before the event begins to get started.

We will be hosting Magic for Old Guys stream as part of the tournament at The stream goes live an shortly before the tournament starts. We can provide support for getting signed up to the event during that pre-event time. You can watch the host stream during the event as the Old Guy (Vlad07720 or Vlad the Transparent) will be streaming his games during the event and may join some players via Discord if he is not playing to commentate on their matches. You do not have to join the stream to play in the tournament but it is a fun way to interact with the Old Guy and your fellow competitors.

Please challenge your opponent on MTG Arena using their full Arena name and #. For example, the Old Guys' is Vlad the Transparent#02707. Due to recent issues with MTG Arena, please attempt to friend your opponent first to challenge them that way. If your opponent has not responded after 10 minutes, please let organizers know through MTGMelee. Don't forget to check in for each round in your player controller.

Once your match is over, the winner is asked to please report the result on MTGMelee. The other player will be asked to confirm the result. If you wish to drop, you can do so on your Player Controller page on MTGMelee at anytime.

Also, we offer another fun piece of interaction involving Discord. When you see your matchup MTGMelee, you can go to the voice channel on the Tournament Town Discord that corresponds with your table in the tournament. If you and your opponent both go into the voice channel, you can banter back and forth just like you were playing in a paper tournament.

Players who compete bring a wide range of experience and abilities. All players are welcome, from absolute competitive Magic rookies, to seasoned vets with multiple Mythics.

Please submit a valid Traditional Standard decklist. No cards from the Arena Base Set (ANB). has final say what is valid and what is not valid. Deck Submitted field must be TRUE. If there is a question on the legality of a particular card in a given format please check out

Build your deck using the Traditional Standard format in Arena. To be sure edit your deck in Arena and click the bar chart to the right of the deck's name (click to see more details) and make sure Traditional Standard is selected.

As we are using Traditional Standard as the format. You can submit your decklist by clicking export on your decklist on Arena and then importing when you go to submit your decklist. That imports your entire list so you don't have to add each card one at a time.

You must use the deck that was submitted and accepted to You can not change decks during the tournament. This will result in a disqualification.

Players must be registered and decklists submitted 5 minutes before the first round. Round time limit is 50 minutes. If all matches in a round are complete, the next round will start early. Matches can be paired as either a direct challenge or a friend request and challenge.

Match settings: Tournament match (best of 3), Round timer on, coin flip. No shows: Players have 10 minutes to respond to challenges and begin their match. After that 10 minutes a player will be given a game loss. After another 5 minutes a player will be given a round loss and dropped from the event.

If a player disconnects from a match the player that did not disconnect has the choice of replaying the game or taking a game win. If a player disconnects from a match after the first game is played, or players accidentally play a BO1, a BO3 challenge should be sent, and the player that lost the last game should concede immediately and send the match directly to sideboarding.

Because this is an online tournament we ask you to respect the starting time. if any player in a match takes longer than 15 mins to check into their match they will have conceded that round and if such happens again, will be removed from the event.

Please make sure you are able to attend in your own time zone.

Thank you and have fun.

Currently on Braggin' Rights are available. As we grow we hope to gain sponsors and have prizes avaible.

Glitch /magicforoldguys OFFLINE

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* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.