Crokeyz Alchemy: Baldurs Gate - tournament brand image

Crokeyz Alchemy: Baldurs Gate

Game: Magic: The Gathering

Organized by: Team Liquid

Tournament Type: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Alchemy | Ended | 153 of 800 Enrolled Players

Crokeyz Alchemy Baldurs Gate Tournament

Crokeyz Tournament is a Magic: The Gathering Arena tournament organized by Team Liquid and streamed on Crokeyz's Twitch Channel.

Event Information

Important Information

  • You are REQUIRED to join Crokeyz's Discord for this event, and provide an accurate discord ID on MTGmelee. If we are unable to contact you through MTGmelee and Discord, it may result in match loss, match forfeit, or disqualification.
  • Players are required to share their screen via Discord's Go Live feature upon request by Tournament Admins.
  • Players are required to submit their decklist by 9:30 AM BST. Players who do not submit their decklist will be removed from the bracket.

Please read the full rules here. Below is an abridged summary of the rules.

Additionally, as a Team Liquid-run tournament, all participants are expected to abide by the Team Liquid General Rules. (We are waiving rule 3.B - Game Modification for the use of deck tracking software such as

The tournament is Swiss into Top Cut (Top 16 Double Elimination) in Alchemy format. 8 rounds will be played on Day 1 (Saturday) and the remainder of the event on Day 2 (Sunday). Players are required to submit their decklist by 9:30 AM BST. Players who do not submit their decklist will be removed from the bracket.

All games are Best of 3.

Matches begin at 10 AM BST (British Summer Time) each day. Check in duration will be from 8:30 AM BST to 9:30 AM BST. It is mandatory to check in during that period to ensure your placement within the tournament.

Detailed Schedule:

Saturday, May 7th at 10 AM BST

  • 8:30 AM Tournament check-in begins
  • 9:30 AM Tournament registration ends / deck submission ends / check-in ends
  • 10:00 AM - Tournament starts; Round 1 begins
  • 11:15 AM Round 2 begins
  • 12:30 PM Round 3 begins
  • 1:45 PM Round 4 begins
  • 2:50 PM Round 5 begins
  • 4:00 PM Round 6 begins
  • 5:00 PM Round 7 begins
  • 6:00 PM Round 8 begins
  • 8:00 PM Tournament pauses, resumes on Sunday

Sunday, May 8th at 10 AM BST

  • 10 AM Tournament resumes
    • 10 AM ~ Tournament plays out until completion

The start times listed following the first round are an estimation. The exact round start and end times will be announced in Crokeyz Discord. We will not be liable for any missed matches.

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes in 60 days or less.

Prize Pool: $2,500 total

  • 1st Place: $1200 USD
  • 2nd place: $700 USD
  • 3-4th place (each): $300 USD

Gem rewards (based on Top Swiss Placement)

Represented as W-L below:

  • Top 8: 3000 gems
  • Top 16: 1500 gems

Thanks to MTGMelee for providing all of the Gems!

I placed in the event and won something! How do I get my prize? Please verify that the e-mail attached to your MTGMelee account is accurate! A Team Liquid staff member will contact you via e-mail regarding all prizing within 2 weeks of the event conclusion.

Team Liquid operates as a business, which means most payments - including prize money for tournament winners - is often sent on a month by month basis. This means that tournament winners who earn prize money will receive their prize money by the next business month.

All support will be handled on Crokeyz's Discord, using the Tournament channels. If you have any questions, please use the #tournament-support channel!


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.