Deck: 60 cards · Sideboard: 15 cards
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Tournament Path

Rank: 73
Record: 7-7-0
Points: 21

Round Opponent Decklist Result
Round 1 JamesC2 Bant Spirits Andrew Lozinski won 2-1-0
Round 2 Spencer Kemp-Boulet Mono-White Humans Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0
Round 3 Eduardo Sajgalik Gruul Vehicles Eduardo Sajgalik won 2-1-0
Round 4 Robert Smith Dimir Oracle Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0
Round 5 Alex Langille Azorius Control Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0
Round 6 Brett Steele Izzet Phoenix Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0
Round 7 Andy Peters Rakdos Midrange Andy Peters won 2-0-0
Round 8 James Lloyd Izzet Phoenix James Lloyd won 2-0-0
Round 9 John-Philippe Wasson Mono-White Humans John-Philippe Wasson won 2-0-0
Round 10 Thomas Rosin Abzan Greasefang Thomas Rosin won 2-0-0
Round 11 Gregory Connors Mono-White Humans Gregory Connors won 2-0-0
Round 12 ryan putigna Rakdos Midrange ryan putigna won 2-1-0
Round 13 Will Skippen Rakdos Midrange Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0
Round 14 Tom Cairns Grixis Tempo Andrew Lozinski won 2-0-0