February's Premier Organizer Streets of New Capenna Championship Qualifiers

By: Brad Nelson

Last month we had a very successful initial launch of The Melee Premium Organizer Program. So many amazing Organizations joined the program, and the engagement we had in the events and on social media was so very exciting! Through the program, these Orgs gave out a combined total of (6) NEO Championship qualifications and sent almost (100) players to this weekend's Qualifier Weekend!

This month we've expanded the program to (8) Premier Orgs which means there will be (8) Streets of New Capenna Championship Invites on the line along with more Qualifier Weekend Invites and Gem Codes up for grabs! All six of January's Premier Orgs are back to host another Set Championship Qualifier, and we've got two new Premier Organizers to introduce to you!

Crokeyz Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Tournament: February 19th, Standard

We're very excited to have Magic's biggest streamer and Team Liquid back on Melee.gg running tournaments. After their 424-person back in November, we have the utmost confidence in them running this MASSIVE double-elimination SNC Championship Invite event.

Hooglandia ALCHEMY Open - Sponsored by CoolStuffInc.com & Metafy.gg

Jeff Hoogland has been running events on Melee.gg since early 2020. Pretty much since we first turned on the servers! Jeff's events are well organized with top-notch coverage as well. Even if you're not interested in playing, be sure to check in on all the action at Twitch.tv/jeffhoogland.

Feb Degen Open - Sponsored by Ultra Pro (SNC Championship Invitation)

Our other new Premier Org is Degen Gaming! They're a brand new Esports team helmed by MTGNerdGirl, and were a part of the Featured Org Program last month. They're an organized and passionate set of gamers that we're confident will run a great Set Championship Qualifier event. Be sure to check out all the amazing content creators they have in their roster! Their website is www.degengaming.gg.

The Pizza Box Open: Standard

This will be The Pizza Box's second event as a Premier Org with their first having (115) players! Be sure to check them out, and they'll also be hosting their own coverage at twitch.tv/hollywoodpizza!

$1,000 Cash GGtoor M:TG Arena Cup#2 (Set Championship Qualifier!)

GGtoor is an Esports Org that recently got into the Magic space, and have been listening to the community to help bring the best experience possible. This will be their second month in the Premier Org Program.


From Chile, Five Color Hub has been a great competitive Organization on Melee for over a year. If you're not familiar with them yet, you should be. Especially after they just ran a smooth Set Championship Qualifier of (154) players last month!

MTG Arena Zone Championship Series Set Championship Qualifier (Alchemy)

Those familiar with The Arena Zone will be pleased to hear they're still running tournaments on Melee.gg, just under the rebranded name DotGG. That means the same energy, effort, and care will be going into their series which includes way to earn byes into their Set Championship Qualifier!