Go for the Throat

Go for the Throat

Go for the Throat{1}{B}


Destroy target nonartifact creature.

"Pray that night is upon us, for if this twilight is the work of the Necrons, we are all dead men." —Address by Lieutenant Krakos prior to the Bloodmoon Massacres

Common from Warhammer 40,000 Commander (40K)
Released: 10/7/2022
Illustrated by: Nikola Matkovic

Alchemy Legal
Brawl Legal
Commander Legal
Explorer Legal
Gladiator Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Old School Not Legal
Pauper Legal
Pioneer Legal
Premodern Not Legal
Standard Legal
Vintage Legal

Is Valid Commander: Not Valid
Is Valid Brawl Commander: Not Valid
Is Valid Partner: Not Valid
Is Valid Companion: Not Valid
Is Gyruda Legal: Legal
Is Jegantha Legal: Legal
Is Kaheera Legal: Legal
Is Keruga Legal: Not Legal
Is Lurrus Legal: Legal
Is Obosh Legal: Not Legal
Is Zirda Legal: Legal